Located 118 miles east of Midtown Manhattan and the tip of Suffolk County, the name Montauk was taken from the Montaukett (Algonquian-speaking) tribe that first inhabited the region in the 17th century.  Featuring six state parks, it has been used for military purposes including the army, air force base, coast guard and navy. Its lighthouse – the Montauk Point Light – is America’s fourth earliest lighthouses that was active (and the first one that existed in the state of New York).

Today the Montauk colony area attracts many out-of-town visitors, as one of East Hampton’s busiest tourist areas.  Tourists come to fish with its expansive saltwater fishing records and as home to New York’s largest commercial and recreational fishing fleet. Spanning 19.8 square miles, Montauk is 17.5 square miles land and 2.3 square miles of water. The 2000 US Census Bureau put the population at 3,851 people.

The weather in this beach resort is described as being oceanic/humid subtropical and Montauk self-promotes as being “The Living End” or “The Last Resort.  Visitors can choose from a variety of bed and breakfast and hotel options, as well as many eateries, although many only stay open during the busiest fishing vacation times from April to November.

Some of the most popular places to visit include: Lake Montauk (which has a US Coast Guard Station and small fishing fleet), Montauk Point Light, the old LIRR station (which is now an art museum), Gosman’s Clam Bar, Hither Hills State Park, Camp Hero State Park, the Montauk Yacht Club, Double D Charters LLC, and Deep Hollow Ranch.